Get Started

Please follow the 3 simple steps to connect your things to the Google Cloud Platform using m2mAIR, powered by the deviceWISE m2m/IoT platform.


Step 1:  Claim Your Google Cloud Platform Credit

Get $300 in credit towards a 60-day free trial.


Step 2:  Register for Access to the Telit IoT Portal


Step 3:  Publish Data to Google BigQuery

BigQuery public data:

Project-ID: dw-open-001
dataset: demo
tables: power, hvac, vehicle_tracker, weather

Additional Information:

Google Cloud Platform


Help Documentation

deviceWISE General help documentation

deviceWISE general getting started guide for developers

deviceWISE Getting Started Next Steps

Example of how to connect to Google BigQuery using the Google APIs Client Library for JavaScript and visualizing query results with the Google Maps API.

deviceWISE Help: Public datasets explained

Publishing Data to Firebase

Video Resources:

Google Cloud Platform Integration:



Getting help (You must register for access to Telit m2mAIR Cloud first.)